Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Who said retirement would be fun??? lol

Half way through day two of retirement. I am beginning to think daycare was easier. A month or so ago, we had new kitchen windows put it. The carpenter messaged twice, told the lumber yard the brand and size of windows being replaced, but low and behold when the windows arrived they were too big for the openings. Now what?? Simple solution, make the opening bigger. If you have ever had work done on a 100 + year old house, you know that it is never simple. A job that should have taken a half a morning took a day and a half. I have a floor to ceiling pantry that sits right next to one of the windows. It was full of fine sawdust, leftover from the sawing the openings larger. At that same time I was having a lot of trouble with my knee and I took the lazy way out and vacuumed out what I could without moving things. Well, I decided the time had come to do the job right and re-organize at the same time. And the next thing I knew, I had cleaned out and re-organized all of the kitchen cupboards. 

Kitchen pantry

Who said retirement would be relaxing. But I love the new windows that let in a lot more light and air and I am loving clean and organized cupboards. Now for a nap. LOL

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  1. How'd I miss this post? How nice that you got new windows, even if it was more trouble than you anticipated! They really look nice. Love your unusual sink! You can look out either window while washing dishes....depending on which window you chose to look out of. I do like that set-up!