Thursday, March 2, 2017

Discipline problems and a way to handle them.

This article “HAND-OVER-HAND TECHNIQUE” came across my FB feed this morning. Brought back memories of all my daycare years. This is the start of my fourth year of “retirement”. Some days I miss having little ones around with all their fun antics and chatter but this article reminded me of some not so fun moments. I didn’t have a lot of discipline problems. I think that was mainly that most of my kids came to be around the age of two months. They learned what they could do and not do by the example of the other kids. By the time they were at the age to “act up” the other kids would help correct them. Also by that point they learned that my house had a lot of corners. I found that was the best way to get their attention. But there were times when I did have to use other methods. The article talks about those methods. Many times I had to do the hand over hand to “help” a child pick up toys.  Or “walk” or “wash their hands”.

Sometimes their pillow and blanket was the answer.  

This article by Kathryn Sneed is right on. She does a nice job of explaining the HAND-OVER-HAND TECHNIQUE. I think it is a good way to try and handle discipline problems with all kids.

You can read the whole article by Kathryn Sneed by clicking on the link under the picture.

Take care and have a good day.

                                            Hand over Hand Technique

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday

In Poland and Polish communities in the United States, such as in the Midwest, Mardi Gas is called “Fat Tuesday”. In some areas it is also called Paczki Day," referring to the dense puffy jelly-filled doughnuts. As I look back on my childhood in a definite Polish environment,(both parents, aunts and uncle came from Poland) I can see why they called it Fat Tuesday. All the family would get together and have a “feast”. There wasn’t a lot of polish dishes I really liked (mother use to say I was more Italian than Polish in my food tastes) but I did love the pastries. My favorites were the Paczki and the kolache/kolace. About four blocks from our house was a mom and pa bakery. When my dad felt ‘rich” or had a craving for sweets ( got my pastry sweet tooth from him and my salt cravings from my mom) he would walk to the bakery and buy pastries for the weekend. I would love to have some those pastries now. They were the best. But I settle for the occasional glazed doughnut or a jelly filled one. I have made Kolaches before but they never tasted like the ones from that bakery of my childhood.  I have a recipe for paczki I found on the internet. Maybe for our family Easter gathering I will make them. But then again there is always Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.
Here is the recipe if you are interested.

Take care, Rose 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Love it? or hate it?

How is the new Year going for you? so far so good here in Iowa. Luckily we have dodged a few snowstorms. We have had about 5 inches of snow so far. Three just the other day. I know there is a lot of winter left but I sure hope our lucks holds out. I use to love snow days when my kids were in school because it meant having them home. That went from loving to hating/loving snow days. Hated them because it meant a house full of daycare kids and extra work but loved them because it made for a better pay day. Now I plain just hate the cold and snow. I guess that goes age. At least I have the choice of going out or staying in most days. Today is one of those sunny days that is so deceiving. Looks great but the temp is 30 with a wind chill of 20. Better than it has been but still cold in my book.

How do you feel about winter? Love it? Hate it? Just remember being here is a good thing and spring isn't too far away.

Finding breakfast is difficult
 after a snowfall.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

For once they were right. Dang.

What a night. We have had freezing drizzle and now freezing rain since early evening. So far so good. We haven't lost power. If that doesn't happen we will have it made. We went grocery shopping last week so we  have plenty of bread, milk etc. The forecasters have been talking about this ice storm all week. We were hoping that all their hype proved wrong. But this time it didn't. We have spent the day watching basketball and football. We have no plans on going out till Wednesday when the temps are suppose to be in the upper thirties. Or better. I am hoping for the better so that all this ice melts fast.

Any way, i can't just sit and watch T.V. So I was looking through my photos, selecting some to use in my card making. I decided maybe all of us in the Midwest could use a few warm weather pictures to remind us that "this to will past".

Stay warm, stay in if the ice is where you live. Most of all stay safe.