Monday, April 29, 2013

Let the planting begin.

Hubby located straw bales today, four of them. He told our farmer friend that he only needed 2 but he gave us four. We put a generous layer of garden soil on top each one this evening. A rainy week, starting late tomorrow, is predicted and the video we watched suggested letting a layer of dirt work down into the bales. We figure a rainy week would help that . Now we are discussing what to plant. We were going to do just a couple of tomato plants and a couple hills of cucumbers but now that we have 4 bales, we can plant more. Sure hope this works.

After we came in we decided to sit in the sunroom and enjoy the beautiful evening. Lots of wild life around this evening. The wrens are even back. This rabbit came hopping along and decided to sit under the lilac bush. This is the usual spot to rest for the local rabbits. This fellow was sitting there when all of a sudden he plopped over. I figure he had croaked. Never saw a rabbit “resting” like this.


Soon he got up and ran off. I guess he was just enjoying the beautiful weather, too.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Straw Bales, Grosbeaks, Moon and more.

I do believe spring has truly arrived here in Iowa. At, least for this week. It was a beautiful spring evening. We went out to supper with friends. No winter coat, no boots. It felt so good. Actually turned the A.C. on in the car. With the sun beating in was very warm. Did I say it felt so good. And to top off a very pleasant evening, the moon came up. It was beautiful. The temperature was still in the 60’s so going out and taking pictures wasn’t a pain. 

Time to start thinking what to plant in the outside flower pots this year. Any ideas for something different, something that blooms with limited sun. I got carried away when we moved here and now have tons of shade. Sure helps on the A.C. bills but limits what you can plant that blooms. Any suggestions welcome.

We are going to try something different this year for the few vegetables we plant. We are going to try straw bale planting. Ever hear of it? I hadn't till I read an article in the local paper. Sounds easy. I think the biggest problem is locating and getting the straw bales to our place. We have found some bales, we think, and now we will have to find a way to get them here.

Have a great weekend,

Spring is really here. Just had a grosbeak land in the feeders. They are only here for a couple of months in the spring.
Rosy Breasted Grosbeak

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day

This Tuesday is Earth Day. I have been doing “Earth Day” activities for years, even before it was called Earth Day. All kids like to plant things. And the little gal I have now isn’t an exception. My bay windows look like a green house. 

She thinks we should plant something every day. I have told her we will do a lot more planting when it warms up. One day. So far, we have planted radish, carrots and five apples seeds. Oh and a mother’s day present for her mom- a pot of Thumbelina Zinnias. 

She was so excited when we planted the apple seeds. She put 5 in the container and one has sprouted. In fact, as you can see, it needs re-potted. I had no idea if the seeds would grow. She thinks that it will grow fast and have apples. Every day, when we say a prayer before we eat, she adds the ending. It goes something like this. “And for sunshine for my carrots, apples seed, radish and zinnias.” I am sure she will keep adding as we plant. Any way, it must work. Things are growing. Her radish looked great, at one time. We had them in a sunny window and they got too hot. So, now she tells everyone that we fried her radish. I must have used that word when we first noticed them and it really stuck with her. She is going to be so excited in the morning when she gets here, to see that one of her zinnias has sprouted. She asked every morning last week when were they going to grow. We planted them a week ago tomorrow. She will be thrilled.

Happy planting. And say your prayers.

Monday, April 15, 2013

And it goes on and on and on.

Old Man Winter just doesn’t want to leave us here in Iowa. Yesterday started out sunny and then rained off and on. Today started the same way. But instead of rain, it is sleeting off and on. Hard to believe that a week ago tonight, we were at friends and sat out on their patio having an after dinner drink. If we chose to do that tonight, we would need winter clothes, a blanket and a huge bonfire. What a difference. We all thought spring was finally here. Boy were we wrong.  It is darn right nasty out. Feel for all the kids out for spring track. Feel really sorry for the parents that go watch. I can remember sitting at track meets with winter gear, blankets and hot chocolate and still freezing.  Love the sport but not the weather that usually comes with it. 
One good thing about the weather yesterday was the sunset. The rain stopped and the skies cleared some and God gave us a beautiful sunset to show that he loves us. And to remind us that he is answering our prayers by is giving us rain to relieve the severe drought of last year.

Take care,

Thursday, April 11, 2013

This and That-catch up time.

When I said this was a busy time of the year, I wasn’t kidding. It seems like the days have gotten shorter not longer.  Some things suffer from the time issue, like my blog. I have been writing a post for days and I have finally decided to just sit down and do it.

We did get the raking done. Took us three days, about an hour a day, to do it but it is done. The kids that I have hired the last few years are in high school now. The girl has a job at the local DQ and works a lot. The guy is out for track and with meets, practice and homework, his time is limited, too. We didn’t want to wait till they had time because the weather was so nice and everything was coming up. But we had lots of time. This week winter decided it just wasn’t ready to go. We have had rain, light snow and some places rather close by, hail. The high temperatures the last few days have been only in the thirties, rainy and windy. Brrr, doesn’t feel like spring any more. And the forecast for the next week doesn’t sound a whole lot better.

My little 7 month has been getting around for a couple of weeks now. But this weekend he has found out there is a world outside of our living room. He pretty much goes where he wants. Not crawling right but he sure gets where he wants to go. And he has a fascination with cords. Keeps us on our toes.

Much to my surprise and delight, sales on my TPT store have been great. Thank you to daughters 2 and 4. They are the ones that pushed me to create items to list, using what I have learned about what kids like from years of daycare. Keeps me busy in my spare time, what little I have, creating new items to list. I love it and I am enjoying creating. My daycare girl loves all the fun things to do, too.

And then there is the usual everyday stuff that comes from daycare in my home and our everyday “maintenance”. You know, meals, laundry, meals, cleaning etc.  Life is full.

I spent this afternoon catching up on cleaning, bill paying and other “fun stuff”.  I feel more organized and less stressed. Hope I can stay on track now.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Busy time of the year.

Our snow is finally gone. Now the busy time of the year starts for me. I love my flower gardens especially once the spring cleanup is done. After that, my flower beds are pretty much self-maintaining. This year, like last year, I hope to hire a lot of it done. I just need to remember to email the girl that did it for me last year. There are always a few that I do myself. A couple of years ago, hubby was being nice and surprised me by doing some of them for me. While that was nice of him, he rakes a bit hard for some of the areas where I had plants that are, or should I say, were shallow rooted. Yep, he raked them totally out. I have since re-planted and I want to rake that area myself.  Tulips and Daffodils are up about 3 inches, so I need to get out there. Maybe this afternoon.  That is if it warms up. It is only 35 now and it is 11:30. And it has clouded up. Maybe I can put in on hold for another day.

One flower garden from last year.