Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day

This Tuesday is Earth Day. I have been doing “Earth Day” activities for years, even before it was called Earth Day. All kids like to plant things. And the little gal I have now isn’t an exception. My bay windows look like a green house. 

She thinks we should plant something every day. I have told her we will do a lot more planting when it warms up. One day. So far, we have planted radish, carrots and five apples seeds. Oh and a mother’s day present for her mom- a pot of Thumbelina Zinnias. 

She was so excited when we planted the apple seeds. She put 5 in the container and one has sprouted. In fact, as you can see, it needs re-potted. I had no idea if the seeds would grow. She thinks that it will grow fast and have apples. Every day, when we say a prayer before we eat, she adds the ending. It goes something like this. “And for sunshine for my carrots, apples seed, radish and zinnias.” I am sure she will keep adding as we plant. Any way, it must work. Things are growing. Her radish looked great, at one time. We had them in a sunny window and they got too hot. So, now she tells everyone that we fried her radish. I must have used that word when we first noticed them and it really stuck with her. She is going to be so excited in the morning when she gets here, to see that one of her zinnias has sprouted. She asked every morning last week when were they going to grow. We planted them a week ago tomorrow. She will be thrilled.

Happy planting. And say your prayers.

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