Monday, April 15, 2013

And it goes on and on and on.

Old Man Winter just doesn’t want to leave us here in Iowa. Yesterday started out sunny and then rained off and on. Today started the same way. But instead of rain, it is sleeting off and on. Hard to believe that a week ago tonight, we were at friends and sat out on their patio having an after dinner drink. If we chose to do that tonight, we would need winter clothes, a blanket and a huge bonfire. What a difference. We all thought spring was finally here. Boy were we wrong.  It is darn right nasty out. Feel for all the kids out for spring track. Feel really sorry for the parents that go watch. I can remember sitting at track meets with winter gear, blankets and hot chocolate and still freezing.  Love the sport but not the weather that usually comes with it. 
One good thing about the weather yesterday was the sunset. The rain stopped and the skies cleared some and God gave us a beautiful sunset to show that he loves us. And to remind us that he is answering our prayers by is giving us rain to relieve the severe drought of last year.

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