Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wearing off the stink"

In the winter months, when I was a kid and my brothers and I were getting antsy, my dad would say, " Get your coats on outside and run around the house and wear off that stink". These activities would be great to use up some of that excess energy and more fun then running around the house. And they help build gross motor skills.

                              7 Super Brain-building Gross Motor Activities for Kids

Fun for adults to do with the kids, too.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Getting your kids to help with chores.

Came across this article this morning. Found it interesting. In my daycare, I found that counting to see how fast the kids could pick up worked really great. They loved racing to see who was the fastest. And another thing I would recommend is starting them at a very early age. When the kids in my daycare were older enough to join the others in the " playroom" they were older enough to start learning how to pick up. By the time they were "big kids" all I had to say, "Time to pick up, go wash and eat".

                   5 Foolproof Tips for Getting Your Children to do Their Chores

Another thing they loved doing, was taking turns washing the breakfast bowls, unbreakable breakfast  bowls. It would take them a "long time". They always thought they were big stuff. 

Do you have fun ways to get your kids to help?