Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Getting your kids to help with chores.

Came across this article this morning. Found it interesting. In my daycare, I found that counting to see how fast the kids could pick up worked really great. They loved racing to see who was the fastest. And another thing I would recommend is starting them at a very early age. When the kids in my daycare were older enough to join the others in the " playroom" they were older enough to start learning how to pick up. By the time they were "big kids" all I had to say, "Time to pick up, go wash and eat".

                   5 Foolproof Tips for Getting Your Children to do Their Chores

Another thing they loved doing, was taking turns washing the breakfast bowls, unbreakable breakfast  bowls. It would take them a "long time". They always thought they were big stuff. 

Do you have fun ways to get your kids to help?


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