Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Created a Monster

Woke up to the sound of wind. Strong wind. Darn, no walking today. Didn’t walk yesterday either. It rained all day. I had been walking the town for most of the summer. But about August, I got bored with the same old path each day plus all the barking dogs. I felt like some of them could get loose and “walk” with me. Our town has had a couple of issues with dogs biting passersby and I didn’t want to be come on of those. I decided walking the Stone Arch Trail was safer. See post of August Old Stone Arch Trail. I had been trying to talk hubby into walking with me, with no luck. But when I mentioned the Stone Arch trail and the fact that there are benches along the way that he could sit at, if needed, he agreed. He had been having leg pains so severe that walking to the mailbox and back, a total of a half a block, had become too much for him. Fast forward to the present and he is walking to the Stone Arch and back to the car, for a total of 2 miles. I am amazed and proud of him for hanging in there. Today, I wanted to pass on walking because I HATE Wind but he said he was going to try it. If the wind got too bad he would come home. Okay. Lay the guilt on me. So, I got on my shoes, my jacket, my hat and my mittens and off we went. We made it to the Arch and back. It was windy, very windy in some places and not so bad in others and we walked the two miles.
Like I said, I have created a monster. 

Have a wonderful day,

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall in Iowa feels more like Winter Plus another free Sampler

It is Fall here in Iowa. But this morning it feels more like Winter. The temp this morning is 32. Furnace is humming away and the heat feels great. Wind is blowing around 20 mph. Haven’t heard what the wind chill is but I am sure it isn’t pleasant. Hubby just said the wind chill in 25. Brrrrr. Didn’t need to know that. Most of the time after a freeze we have beautiful weather. Sounds like the highs will be in the upper 60’s next week. Love Indian Summer. Hope it last till Thanksgiving. I wish.

My view this morning looking out the bay window. Love the way the rising sun highlights the changing leaves on the trees.

I think this might be a good day to make a pot chili. You can't beat homemade soup on a chilly day.

Have a great weekend. Stay warm


P.S. If you have young ones in your life, they may enjoy these worksheet.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

FREE-Fire Safety Sampler

How do you feel about Fire Prevention Week? Fire scares me. Maybe because I have been burned twice in my life. The first time my dad was bringing glue that he had made and boiled on the on stove in the basement upstairs to glue dining room chairs that had came unglued itn winter dryness and hat.. I guess it was supposed to be better than any glue on the market that many years ago (65). I was on my way down to see what he was doing, and as kids always seem to do, running. I ran right into him and the hot glue spilled on my shoulder. I can remember my mom and dad pulling my dress off of me. The second time I was burned was while I was cooking supper. Mom wasn’t feeling well and was lying down. I was starting supper in our very small kitchen. So small that the little table that sat one. I was frying minute steaks, leaning against that table and caught my shirt on fire. It was wearing my dad’s shirt with long tails, very fashionable in the 50’s and very dangerous to wear cooking. Anyway, we are all taught to drop and roll from a very young age. But when I realized I was on fire, my mind shut down and I went running through the house yelling for my mom. She took the blanket she was covered with and wrapped it around me, smothering the flame. But by that time, it had done its damage. I couldn’t wear but loose clothing and missed a whole week of school. I was very lucky it wasn’t worse. Thank God I had taken the time to put my very long hair in a ponytail. Otherwise, I would have been burned worse. To this day, I have a hard time being around fire, fireworks, campfires, kids roasting marshmallows, you get the picture.

This site is a good site to learning more about being safe around fire and making our homes safe.  

I have added various Fire Prevention Products to my store, Smalltowngiggles at teacherspayteachers.com

                           Among them is this free Fire Prevention Sampler;

Be Safe!