Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall in Iowa feels more like Winter Plus another free Sampler

It is Fall here in Iowa. But this morning it feels more like Winter. The temp this morning is 32. Furnace is humming away and the heat feels great. Wind is blowing around 20 mph. Haven’t heard what the wind chill is but I am sure it isn’t pleasant. Hubby just said the wind chill in 25. Brrrrr. Didn’t need to know that. Most of the time after a freeze we have beautiful weather. Sounds like the highs will be in the upper 60’s next week. Love Indian Summer. Hope it last till Thanksgiving. I wish.

My view this morning looking out the bay window. Love the way the rising sun highlights the changing leaves on the trees.

I think this might be a good day to make a pot chili. You can't beat homemade soup on a chilly day.

Have a great weekend. Stay warm


P.S. If you have young ones in your life, they may enjoy these worksheet.


  1. Cute sampler, Rose!! BTW we had snow this morning! But it melted pretty fast. I couldn't believe it. I remember a Halloween when we had 22" , but fortunately not this time. I need more fall weather!

  2. I can remember taking my girls on Halloween with winter garb on. Lots of snow on the ground. We had around 30 inches of rain this summer. Record. Sure hope it stops with the moisture before winter or we are in deep trouble.