Thursday, October 2, 2014

FREE-Fire Safety Sampler

How do you feel about Fire Prevention Week? Fire scares me. Maybe because I have been burned twice in my life. The first time my dad was bringing glue that he had made and boiled on the on stove in the basement upstairs to glue dining room chairs that had came unglued itn winter dryness and hat.. I guess it was supposed to be better than any glue on the market that many years ago (65). I was on my way down to see what he was doing, and as kids always seem to do, running. I ran right into him and the hot glue spilled on my shoulder. I can remember my mom and dad pulling my dress off of me. The second time I was burned was while I was cooking supper. Mom wasn’t feeling well and was lying down. I was starting supper in our very small kitchen. So small that the little table that sat one. I was frying minute steaks, leaning against that table and caught my shirt on fire. It was wearing my dad’s shirt with long tails, very fashionable in the 50’s and very dangerous to wear cooking. Anyway, we are all taught to drop and roll from a very young age. But when I realized I was on fire, my mind shut down and I went running through the house yelling for my mom. She took the blanket she was covered with and wrapped it around me, smothering the flame. But by that time, it had done its damage. I couldn’t wear but loose clothing and missed a whole week of school. I was very lucky it wasn’t worse. Thank God I had taken the time to put my very long hair in a ponytail. Otherwise, I would have been burned worse. To this day, I have a hard time being around fire, fireworks, campfires, kids roasting marshmallows, you get the picture.

This site is a good site to learning more about being safe around fire and making our homes safe.  

I have added various Fire Prevention Products to my store, Smalltowngiggles at

                           Among them is this free Fire Prevention Sampler;

Be Safe!

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