Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Leaning Chimney of Shelby

It's Gone! The old chimney, aka the leaning chimney of Shelby, is gone. I wanted to get a couple of pictures of the old one but we weren’t home when the work started so I didn’t get it.

This picture from a year ago is all I have.

You can see the temporary fix. The patch didn’t hold up as good as expected. The mortar was about gone on one side and the 100+ year old bricks were very soft, thus a big lean to the southeast. Probably wouldn’t have held up to another winter of strong north winds. Scary thought. The new one looks good to me and will be able to hold up to those strong winter winds.

Sure glad that job is done. All that is left is filling in the deep ruts, about a foot and half deep, left by the machinery that was used, plant grass seed and all is good.

And then there is the front yard. The town of Shelby is updating water and sewer lines. We were the only house whose water line was connected to the water tower. Every time the town needed to do something at the water tower and had to shut off water, we were shut off, too. So, the town decided that while they were putting in new pipes, this would be a good time to move our line from the south side to the north side of our house. More big machinery. More torn up lawn.

What a mess. But the town said they will take care of it and plant grass seed. Wonder if I should've gotten that in writing?

We sure are hoping for a wet fall once the grass seed is planted. For now, we are enjoying the quiet now that all the machinery is gone.


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  1. Oh, what a MESS that must have been while they dug up your yard. I hope they do patch it right for you. I bet they do.