Thursday, April 11, 2013

This and That-catch up time.

When I said this was a busy time of the year, I wasn’t kidding. It seems like the days have gotten shorter not longer.  Some things suffer from the time issue, like my blog. I have been writing a post for days and I have finally decided to just sit down and do it.

We did get the raking done. Took us three days, about an hour a day, to do it but it is done. The kids that I have hired the last few years are in high school now. The girl has a job at the local DQ and works a lot. The guy is out for track and with meets, practice and homework, his time is limited, too. We didn’t want to wait till they had time because the weather was so nice and everything was coming up. But we had lots of time. This week winter decided it just wasn’t ready to go. We have had rain, light snow and some places rather close by, hail. The high temperatures the last few days have been only in the thirties, rainy and windy. Brrr, doesn’t feel like spring any more. And the forecast for the next week doesn’t sound a whole lot better.

My little 7 month has been getting around for a couple of weeks now. But this weekend he has found out there is a world outside of our living room. He pretty much goes where he wants. Not crawling right but he sure gets where he wants to go. And he has a fascination with cords. Keeps us on our toes.

Much to my surprise and delight, sales on my TPT store have been great. Thank you to daughters 2 and 4. They are the ones that pushed me to create items to list, using what I have learned about what kids like from years of daycare. Keeps me busy in my spare time, what little I have, creating new items to list. I love it and I am enjoying creating. My daycare girl loves all the fun things to do, too.

And then there is the usual everyday stuff that comes from daycare in my home and our everyday “maintenance”. You know, meals, laundry, meals, cleaning etc.  Life is full.

I spent this afternoon catching up on cleaning, bill paying and other “fun stuff”.  I feel more organized and less stressed. Hope I can stay on track now.


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  1. You've been on a tear! But it does feel good to have the details under control. How luck your weather has been more cooperative. It's snowing here again today.