Thursday, March 2, 2017

Discipline problems and a way to handle them.

This article “HAND-OVER-HAND TECHNIQUE” came across my FB feed this morning. Brought back memories of all my daycare years. This is the start of my fourth year of “retirement”. Some days I miss having little ones around with all their fun antics and chatter but this article reminded me of some not so fun moments. I didn’t have a lot of discipline problems. I think that was mainly that most of my kids came to be around the age of two months. They learned what they could do and not do by the example of the other kids. By the time they were at the age to “act up” the other kids would help correct them. Also by that point they learned that my house had a lot of corners. I found that was the best way to get their attention. But there were times when I did have to use other methods. The article talks about those methods. Many times I had to do the hand over hand to “help” a child pick up toys.  Or “walk” or “wash their hands”.

Sometimes their pillow and blanket was the answer.  

This article by Kathryn Sneed is right on. She does a nice job of explaining the HAND-OVER-HAND TECHNIQUE. I think it is a good way to try and handle discipline problems with all kids.

You can read the whole article by Kathryn Sneed by clicking on the link under the picture.

Take care and have a good day.

                                            Hand over Hand Technique

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