Sunday, January 15, 2017

For once they were right. Dang.

What a night. We have had freezing drizzle and now freezing rain since early evening. So far so good. We haven't lost power. If that doesn't happen we will have it made. We went grocery shopping last week so we  have plenty of bread, milk etc. The forecasters have been talking about this ice storm all week. We were hoping that all their hype proved wrong. But this time it didn't. We have spent the day watching basketball and football. We have no plans on going out till Wednesday when the temps are suppose to be in the upper thirties. Or better. I am hoping for the better so that all this ice melts fast.

Any way, i can't just sit and watch T.V. So I was looking through my photos, selecting some to use in my card making. I decided maybe all of us in the Midwest could use a few warm weather pictures to remind us that "this to will past".

Stay warm, stay in if the ice is where you live. Most of all stay safe.

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