Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Do deer like tomatoes?????

Our straw bale garden has been pretty successful. One thing we will do different next spring is put more dirt in the holes for planting. It sure was nice to have the garden knee high. Made watering and the weeding easy. Wasn’t much weeding needed, tho. Water, yes. It has been pretty dry here and hot. Pleasant temperatures now, but still dry. Anyway, there was one problem we hadn’t planned on and that was critters liking the garden, too. First we battled rabbits and solved that with the white fence that one puts around flower gardens. Just enough to keep the rabbits at bay. But this morning we discovered that another critter had found our garden. Or, we suspect, three. On Sunday, when I was watering, I counted about a dozen or more tomatoes that I figured would need picked today. Hubby went out to pick them this morning and guess what? There were only 5. There were greens tomatoes on the ground and a couple of green bean plants missing. Hmmm also, a cucumber vine, with cukes on, was also nibbled on. On Monday, three deer walked up our drive, coming from the east and heading west. Must have walked clear across town. And they headed right into the cornfield behind my garden.  Coincidence ???????? Or tomato loving deer.


  1. Well, I never heard of deer eating tomatoes, but I know they ARE awful pests, so I'm not surprised!
    Glad the grand experiment was a success!

  2. Our daughter's black lab loves tomatoes. They had to put a fence around all their tomato plants to keep Lucy from eating them. They were gone all day on Saturday and she dug quite the hole to get herself one.

  3. I wouldn't put it past them. They love vegetation!