Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Electric Blanket or Electric Mattress Pad?????

It feels like fall not July 16. Most years the A.C.s are humming along day and night. Not this year. The temperature this morning when I got up was 51. Feels more like furnace weather. It stayed on the cool side all day yesterday, too. Long sleeve T’s felt good. And jeans instead of capris. Our unusual year of weather hangs with us. I am not complaining. I love the weather we are having. Opened windows, no A.C. Perfect in my book. A real reminder that fall isn’t ALL that far away. This cool spell is a reminder that we need a new electric blanket. Ours bit the dust this past winter. But I am wondering if we should buy an electric blanket or and electric mattress pad? Any thoughts on this? And suggested brands? Sure would appreciate some help deciding. Wish I had one or the other the last couple of nights. I could have shut windows but I love the fresh air and the night noises here in the country.

Here are some I have been looking at.


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