Thursday, May 14, 2015

They’re right. You CAN’T go home again.

A couple of weeks ago we had a 50th anniversary celebration in my hometown. We hadn’t been there in a while and we didn’t want to be late for Mass, so we left a little earlier than we thought the drive would take. Well, with all the improvements to the interstate system, we got there really early.  The house I grew up in is only a few blocks from church so we decided to check it out. It was in pretty good condition, at least better than I expected from the last time we drove buy a few years ago. Our house sat on one city lot and we also owned the adjoining second lot. A hedge ran along the front of both lots and it was gone as were all the flowers. My mother had beautiful flower beds. All around the house, along the fence line that lined the property and a couple of huge flower beds separating the front lawn from the back half of the second lot where we had a huge garden. Mom was a firm believer that you can always find room for one more plant. And she had a real green thumb to go with that believe. The one car single garage was gone and a huge two car garage sat where a lot of our garden had been. All the fruit trees were gone, too. It was bit sweet to go through the old neighbor. Brought back a lot of memories.  That house with its beautiful grounds of old is where we had our wedding reception so many years ago.

    Seemed bigger when I lived there. It has four bedrooms but they would
seem so small now.
Original one car garage sat where that trailer is parked.

Have you visited the home you grew up in lately? Did it change? 



  1. Oh, that sounds like a LOT of change. I have rolled past 3 of my old childhood homes and they all look the same but different.

  2. I’ve been by the house I grew up in. The house hasn’t changed all that much but the area has. It’s gotten busier.
    Funny, my son rode by the house (my parents were still in the house when he was young) and stopped to take a photo. The now owner invited him in. It was fun for him because he has memories of grandma and grandpa’s house.