Thursday, September 10, 2015

What do you miss the most during the winter besides warm weather?

You know  one of the things I miss the most in the winter, besides warm weather? I miss the fresh produce. Especially fruits. We go to the grocery store every couple of weeks mainly for fresh produce. It is a good thing I wasn’t hungry when I got there. I bought a lot of fruit. Oh, yes. I bought veggies too. But we can get good vegetables during the winter. But we can’t always get delicious, fresh fruit. I have peaches, plumcots, regular plums, pears and one of our favorites this time of the year, honey crisp apples. They are the best with their sweet sour taste. Oh and the usual bananas.  Hate to think what I might have bought if I would have been hungry. I put them, unwashed, in those green bags (they do work) and they will stay fresh and good for a week or two. Could make a delicious fruit salad, but probably will just eat them as is.

What do you miss the most in the winter besides warm weather?


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