Friday, October 9, 2015

No more Rolling Pin for me.

Every once in a while hubby will mention that some certain meals sounds good. Well, today it was Runzas. After all these years together, we do think alike.  That is a bit scary at times. When we bought groceries on Monday, I picked up a head of cabbage. I had Runzas in mind, too. So today was the day. There was a time when I made the bread dough from scratch. This meal took a whole morning to make back then.  But frozen dinner rolls makes it a lot easier.

I set the rolls out to thaw, browned the hamburger with the cabbage and went to work on a product. When it was time to roll out the dough, I thought there has to be an easier way to do this part too. Stood there a minute thinking maybe I should have made something else for dinner, I didn’t feel like rolling out the dinner rolls. But no turning back at this point, so I figured I better get the rolling pin out and get with the program. Whoa, there set my noodle maker right next to the rolling pin. Hmmm. Wonder if that would work. And lo and behold it worked great. No need for the rolling pin now when Runzas are on the menu. 

Using the noodle maker to roll out the dinner rolls.

Ready to fold.

Time to bake.

Time to eat.
Love this meal. And the best part, there are enough leftover for tomorrow's dinner.

Have a great weekend.

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