Thursday, December 3, 2015

Don't wait till it is too late.

A good friend of ours passed on a little over a week ago. Her funeral was Saturday. Pat and her family were among the first people we met when we first moved here over 50 years ago. Her boys mowed our lawn and I was the daycare provider for thee of her grandchildren. We became close friends of the parents of those grandchildren, too As you can tell, we are close to the family. Patty was a great lady. Full of fun. Always brought a smile to people around her. She loved visiting, eating out and most of all playing cards, any kind of cards. Loved a trip once or twice a week to a local casino. She will be missed by many. But out of this sad life event does come good. A very close friend of mine moved from here years ago because of her husband’s job. In fact, her daughter and mine became good friends. We did manage however to stay in touch over the years.  Anyway, she moved back to the area a few years ago and we would see each other occasionally at church and would always comment we need to get together. Well, we all know how that can go. Pat’s passing made us both realize that none of us know when our turn will come and we need to do it NOW. We met at a local restaurant yesterday, visited for three hours and could have gone another 3. She and I could always could do that. We talk about everything and anything. We both enjoyed our time so much that we decided we were going to meet the first Wednesday of every month. Sure hope we have many, many more Wednesday gab sessions. I sure did miss her. Point is; just do it NOW. I am sure glad we did.

Stay safe and warm,