Sunday, November 13, 2016

Say What? Lilacs blooming in November!

Today was our church dinner and what a beautiful day for it, 64 and sunny. I remember some of our Fall dinners of the past and there was snow on the ground. What a crazy, strange fall we are having. The weather, until the last couple of nights, has been more like spring than fall. I noticed on our way back from our walk that one of our lilac bushes is blooming and there is new growth showing. Amazing. It is November 13. There even was a Monarch butterfly flying around. Tried to get his picture but he was not having anything to do with that. What a crazy, strange fall we are having; Lilacs and dandelions blooming, Monarch and those little yellow butterflies fluttering around and I still have begonias blooming. Sure hope we don’t pay for this beautiful fall weather in January.

Hope you are able to get out and enjoy the weather while we can.

Take care, Rose

Lilacs in November!

New growth in November? wonder if this bush will bloom in the spring.

White bark of the trees make the sky look so blue.

Large squirrel nest.

Is it spring? nope it is November.

These leaves are ready to fall just yet.

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  1. I had a small lilac tree blooming, too! So odd and I had the same question: will it bloom next spring? The weather is really making things act out of character for the season.