Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Straw Bale garden update

After a week of hot windy weather that dried everything out, God sent us a rainy cool Sunday. Just what we needed. The rain barrel is full again as we have had close to 2 inches of rain. Rain that came without wind or hail.
Usually after of week of hot, windy weather, we get storms. But this rain was great. The hay bale garden is doing pretty good in spite of the rabbits, early cool wet weather followed by hot windy weather. Oh, the fun of gardening in the Midwest. Always a challenge. I tried to buy more cucumber seeds or plants to replant what the rabbit ate but no place I looked had any. Oh well, I have three plants and if all goes well that should give us a good supply of cucumbers. 
Two of the four cucumber seeds sprouted.

The cucumber plant the rabbit had for dessert.

Same for the tomato plants. The only ones we could find were very tall and leggy. We figured they wouldn’t transplant good in our sunny, windy area. The one the rabbit ate is looking healthier than the one he didn’t get. But that one does have a tomato. Time will tell. 
The tomato plant that was rabbit food.

The tomato plant the rabbit missed.

Green beans are looking pretty good. Hopefully we will get enough beans for M to pick and eat. She is very excited for that to happen. Green beans are one of her favorite veggies.

Notice the fencing. Seems to be working, so far.

Happy Gardening,



  1. We had squirrels steal every tomato last summer from the plants in our yard. Even the green ones. At the park community garden there were more critters, probably rabbits, but there was more to choose from so our garden did not get decimated. Hope you get some harvest!

  2. Hope your plants can survive all that Mother Nature can toss your direction. We have 4 tomato plants we rescued from my daughter when they left them unattended in their original little trays for a week....and we planted them in our yard. We've reaped exactly 2 tomatoes...not exactly profitable, considering the Miracle Grow and water we have put on them. Oh, well.