Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Beautiful wedding. Rain held off.

WOW. What a busy week we had last week. Our Granddaughter Tonia and Jay’s wedding was this past weekend. She made a beautiful bride and him a handsome groom.

It was an outdoor ceremony held at the Rotary Reserve in C.F. There was a strong threat of rain  all day but it held off till the end of the reception.

Needless to say, my flower gardens have suffered this past month. We were gone so much and when we were home it was rainy. The drought has been declared over and that is a good thing. The weeds have definitely loved it. But the wet cool nights haven’t been that great for the veggie garden. It is growing but very slowly.  The stub of the tomato plant the rabbit ate off is growing new leaves. Do you think it will amount to anything? Time will tell. 

The rest of the garden is doing fairly good. But needs some sun.

Green beans

re-planted cucumbers

The cucumber the rabbit missed.
M harvested the rest of her radish today. The radish did great. They love the cool nights and wet weather. But the worm has turned. Today it is on the warm side, 88, and very humid, 68%. Pretty normal for us to go from furnace to air conditioning.

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  1. Congratulations on the happy occasion!
    PIcking already! Well, good for you. I heard how awful this rain has been for you--amazing anything grows when it's so swampy.

  2. what a beautiful bride and groom, you must be so proud, your garden looks like its doing well, your new posts aren't coming up for me, I will see why, take care and thank you for visiting,

  3. What a beautiful couple. I'm wishing them both the very best! Enjoy your week my friend!

  4. Beautiful couple. Best wishes to them both.

    Good luck on your garden!