Tuesday, May 28, 2013

And then the Critters found the straw bale garden.

Straw bale gardening was going great, until the critters showed up. Not sure what kind of critter but something ate the cucumber plants and one of the tomato plants. We have a lot of rabbits in the neighborhood. Would they stand on their hind legs to reach fresh greens???? Or would the wood duck that is nesting in the chimney in the old shed next door eat fresh greens??? The cucumbers were “cut” but the tomato was pulled out and then “cut”. Does anyone have any ideas on what the critter might have been? I was so bummed. Replanted the cucumbers this morning and we plant on getting another tomato plant when we get to the city. But still. It is aggravating. As you can see we put up some fence at an angle hoping it keeps whatever it is from reaching the plants. 

 Our radish are getting ready and M being a four year thought we should pulls some. We pulled 5. They were small but she didn’t care. She had never tried radish before, so she was excited to try one at lunch today. Needless to say, I don’t think she will be as anxious to pull the rest of them. She popped the little radish in her mouth and started chewing and then decided she didn’t like radish.  Said it was “too spicy”. But what a little trooper. She is always willing to try new things.

The ate off plant.

The radish on the edge of the flower garden

The harvest
The fun time, the  "washing".

Sure hope we have a garden to report on next week.


  1. A rabbit? We've had a few plants look like that, too. What could it be???

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