Thursday, May 2, 2013

Year without summer????? Today makes a person wonder.

Winter is back. Wonder if this will be the year without summer. This is what awaited us this morning when we got up. It is May 2, isn’t it.

The temperature is staying steady at 33 so it is a slushy mess. Lots of schools close to us, some 15 miles down the road, have late starts. Still snowing there. Lots of farmers in the area started planting the last couple of days. Moisture is very welcome but not in the form of snow. When will spring/summer arrive?


  1. While I was finding some of you this morning at 5:30 (I lost you when I deleted my blog), that same cold front found its way to our neck of the woods. It was 68 when I woke up at 5, and by 6, it was 58. It's now 8 and it's 54. It is supposed to be in the 30's tonight, which is unheard of here for May 2. I think they said we are going to set a record low for this date. CRAZY weather! But, I doubt seriously it will be a year without summer....we are going to wish it was, I'm afraid. Glad to find you again. I missed reading and commenting on all your blogs!!!

  2. Pretty though - we are getting fires again. Hang in there, it shouldn't be much longer...

  3. Oh wow! that is terrible! I thought Ontario was bad... It makes you want to go back to bed and sleep until it goes away. I just turned off my furnace yesterday,late for us.

  4. Oh gosh, that is horrible! This past winter has been dragging on and on. Luckily we finally have good weather here in Missouri and I wish I could send it your way!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, Rose :)

  5. The Twin Cities got INCHES. My mother is ready to slit her wrists. She HATES winter.

  6. Ack, it's got to stop soon.

    Oh, and close your eyes when you crunch that Kale, it will taste so much better if you don't know what you are


  7. Bless you ... we've had another cool snap in our neck of the woods, as well, but we don't have to worry about snow, thank the Lord.

    The Man and I are on the road and in the Dallas area until Sunday. It was in the 30's here last night, if that helps your feelings any (probably doesn't, huh?). I'm really ticked off at the weather and at myself for not packing any wintery clothes and we couldn't find a single thing in the stores yesterday. Oh well ... I've got a denim jacket and a pair of leggings to wear under my skirt, so maybe I'll stay warm enough.

    Hope you get a break soon.

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