Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just the beginning.

Spring is really here. The birds are all back from their winter vacation. And boy do they fight over the feeders. Ones of the same species can’t even share. Hubby thinks we should apply for a farm aid loan to help feed them all. We only buy black sunflower seeds at the local farm type store. The seeds come in bulk, making them a little cheaper. Right now there are seven Grosbeaks at the flat feeder. And boy, they don’t like each other. It is a bit cool out today and cloudy with a few sprinkles once in a while. Good excuse to bird Instead of yard work. Love spring. 


Redheaded woodpecker

He got a mouthful to take back to the Mrs. who is probably sitting on the nest.


We have another busy weekend. First grandchild to graduate from college is this weekend. We, also, have three grandsons graduating from high school later this month. Plus our first wedding. A granddaughter is getting married the second weekend in June. Oh, and two grandkids' birthdays. We had a bridal shower last weekend. Have to get a lot done on week days, so we can play on weekends. And with 13 grandkids this is just the beginning.
Love it, Rose


  1. First, your husband is so funny!
    A farm it.
    Second, gorgeous birds. We hardly ever see orioles here, so what a treat.
    Third, congratulations on all the happy events happening in your family! What a proud time for you.

  2. I love the birds. I would love it if we had more visitors like these in our yard.

    What a busy schedule you have in front of you. How exciting to have so many people to love.