Saturday, November 23, 2013

Do you like to eat fish?

Do you like to eat fish? We eat fish at our house at least once a month. My husband loves fishing. He goes fishing at Howard’s, a farmer friend. Howard has three ponds on his property and lets a few select people fish them. Hubby helped him out years ago and he and Howard have been friends since. He catches enough fish to feed us and our family till next fishing season. Hubby tried ice fishing a couple of times but he is definitely a fair weather fisherman. He can handle an afternoon in his boat on a  hot summer afternoon in Iowa with no problems. But he hated ice fishing, even when he used an ice house. He hates winter, period. Anyway, after reading this article, I started wondering how good crappies from Howard’s ponds would be. Twenty years ago the thought never crossed my mind. Howard was still farming at that time and left plenty of green space around his ponds. As time went on, Howard retired and now rents out his land. The fellow that rents promised to keep the same practice up. But as time as went on, the green space has gotten narrower. And his crop better as far as production goes. Makes you wonder what he is putting on those fields and how much is going into the ponds. I hope the ponds survive and stay productive for future generations.  

Some pictures of Howard's land.

Road down to the ponds.

View of one of the ponds from the road.

A few fish from a good day of fishing.
Today isn't a fish dinner day. I have a huge pot of hamburger soup on the stove simmering and bread rising. It is only 10 degrees here at the moment, so soup sounded like a better choice. And by the smells coming from the kitchen, I better go check on the soup.

Have a great weekend. And if you are in a cold climate likes us, stay warm.


  1. Your dinner sounds wonderful ! 10 degrees,oh my, that is cold !

  2. that's so much of Iowa, isn't it? The fields coming right up to the water's edge...
    But fresh-caught fish is so delish!