Sunday, March 2, 2014

See what a blind date can lead to.

 One of my best friends when I worked at Mutual was Mary Jane. Her
boyfriend, Ron,had a friend that just got out of the Navy and they wanted me to go out with him, blind date, double date. Took her a couple of weeks to talk me into it. We decided we would go bowling the evening before George Washington’s birthday. We had the next day off so we wouldn't have to get up early for work. As luck would have it, we had a big snow storm the day before and roads weren't all that great the night of our double date. Mary Jane, Ron, and Jerry were supposed to pick me up 8 for an evening of bowling, then a burger and home. While picking up Mary Jane at her apartment, Ron got the car stuck in a snowdrift. It took them a couple of hours to get out. Mary Jane kept calling me with progress reports. After a couple of calls or so, I told my mom I was going to bed and if they called tell them I changed my mind. Well, no more call, just a knock at the door. And luckily, I had changed clothes and gone off to bed, yet. By this time, it was 10:30. We bowled a couple of games. The whole time, I was wishing I had gone to bed. This guy, my future hubby, had spider tattoos, one on each hand and was very friendly. Too friendly for me. I guess I should have thought about that since he was a sailor. lol Anyway, he insisted on sitting too close to me. Every time after my turn to bowl, I would sit on as far away from him as possible but after his turn, there he would be as close to me as possible. All I wanted was to go home. And to top it off, when we got done bowling we couldn’t find any place to eat but a donut shop. Thank goodness they had glazed donuts, too. On the way home we dropped Mary Jane and Ron off at her apartment and he took me home. Needless to say at this point, I wasn’t too keen on that idea but had no say. When we go to my house, he wouldn’t let me out of the car till I promised to go out with him again. I said yes so that I could get out of the car and go to bed. I figured I could cancel the date and all would be well.  Sure didn’t work out that. All I can say is this blind date turned into 51 plus years and counting. More on those dating months next week.


  1. Wow--not a good first impression at ALL! What ended up winning you over?

  2. You know. I am not sure. We just hit it off on that second date.
    Will think about that. Might make a good post.

  3. That is a great question for you to answer! I didn't know he kept cozying up to you. LOL - Jerbo the romantic!