Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blessing of Easter Dinner . An Easter tradition

Boy, does time fly. It seems like it was just Christmas and now it is Easter. And Easter and spring are late this year.  I have been thinking back on traditions and “old wife tales” that come to mind. Everyone seems to be complaining about how late spring is this year. My mother always said that the weather doesn’t settle down in the spring till after Good Friday. And you know, a lot of years that seems true. Hopefully it will be true this year. We have had some beautiful warm days, in the 70’s this week but windy. And a front is coming and will lower our temps to the upper 40’ for highs and upper 20’s for low for most of this coming week. Definitely could use some settling. The on tradition that I remember most was the blessing of the food on Holy Saturday afternoon. Samples of the Easter Sunday dinner were put into baskets and taken to church to be blessed. The church smelled so good. All that homemade polish sausage, baked ham, dyed Easter eggs and homemade bread. The aroma made you hungry. But we couldn’t have any of it to eat till after Mass on Easter Sunday. Then, the blessed food was cut into small bites and everyone had to have some. This was in Thanksgiving for the risen Lord, good health and good luck. Oh, to have some of that homemade Polish Sausage my Uncle Walt made for every holiday and wedding. It was the best. What traditions do you remember from your childhood? Do you keep any now?

Have a good Holy week,


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  1. I want Uncle Walt's Polish sausage - it was the best!