Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Purse organizer

Have you ever considered purchasing one of those purse organizers? You know, the ones that are supposed to make changing and organizing purse easier?  I have thought about it various times but always changed my mine figuring I didn’t really need it. One of my daughters and her family went to Mexico for spring break and bought me back a beautiful handmade hobo style purse.

The only pocket it had was one on the front of the purse. Now, if the person who made it was like the typical woman here in the states that carry just about everything but the kitchen sink in their purse, he/she would have put some pockets on the inside. So, I went to one of my favorite on line stores and found me a purse organizer.

 I love it. I was able to put everything I had in my purse into the organizer.

Then I put the organizer into my purse with ease.

Once the organizer was in my purse, I put my billfold on one side and my pack of hand wipes on the other. And my glasses case on the end. Perfect. And as bonus, I now can change purses with ease.

Now I am set to go shopping,


  1. Wow, I love it. Now the purse isn't so floppy either!

  2. I used this purse today and I love the way it is a cross over. Gave me both hands free. Thanks.