Sunday, May 18, 2014

Right on time and they are EVERYWHERE!

The Orioles arrived right on time, May 5. Not sure how they know the date, but they are very prompt and have always arrived at our house on the 5th. Did you know they travel in flocks at night? The flock was apparently hungry after their long flight because our alarm clock on that morning, were the Orioles wanting “breakfast”. Normally, I try to have the feeders up and ready. But with the very cool spring, I thought the Orioles might be late arriving.

We have one nectar feeder and two jelly feeders. They love grape jelly. Hubby fills the votive like jars with grape jelly every morning and late afternoon. I told him we need to buy stock in the Welsh jelly company. We counted 18 at one time at the feeders. 

We counted 18 Orioles at one time.They were everywhere.

And, boy, do they fight. We have one we call THE BULLY. He will eat, fly up to a branch close to the feeders and proceed to yell and fight with any Oriole that tries to eat. Most of the time, he wins. But every once in awhile one will try to whole his ground and he retreats. Good thing we have two jelly feeders, one the east side of the house and the other on the south. While he is busy keeping his “friends” off of one feeder, there will be Orioles eating at the other one.

They are so beautiful and very entertaining.  What a fun way to spent a spring morning, watching the Orioles.

I hope this past week was a good one and the coming week even better. Rose

You can listen to the song of Orioles and learn some interesting facts about them here.

Songs and Facts of Orioles.


  1. Wow! The birds seem to love you! (They don't like my cats so much!)

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