Friday, May 30, 2014

Welcome June but where or where did May go?

Where did the month of May go? Turned around and it was gone. Not sure where it went. Time sure does fly. It has been a busy month. Hubby and I “teen sat” for three days in Des Moines.  It was fun to spend time with two of our grandsons without parents around. They seem to talk more. Another thing I forgot about teenagers. They can eat. Haven’t cooked for teenage boys in a long time.  Even was able to take in a couple of their soccer games. The weather was suited more for football, tho. 
We had seven graduation parties to attend. We, also, attended our grandson’s graduation ceremony in D.M. He has grown up to be a nice young man. And I do mean grown up. He is 6’3”. He is the tallest in our family of 24. We stayed overnight in D.M. and did some plant shopping with a couple of our daughters. Fun time. We were back in D.M. Memorial Day weekend for grandson’s graduation party. This weekend is my niece’s wedding reception. Add spring planting and yard work and May is gone. Welcome June 1.

Have a wonderful weekend,

P.S. New Hosta bed is coming along nicely.

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