Friday, June 6, 2014

Patio Makeover.

We are now all set for summer. Our patio makeover is finished. And we just love the new look. The only before picture I could find was one taken May 5, 2013. That in itself was amazing.

This gives you an idea how it looked before we started the makeover

May, 2013

All cleaned off and ready for the makeover

Almost done

The patio transformed to a deck.

Don't you just love the new look. We do. We will be having our 10 o'clock Dr. Pepper every morning on our new deck.

Have a  great weekend.



  1. I'll meet you there but make mine a diet! Love the makeover!


  2. Diet Dr.Pepper coming right up.

  3. It looks lovely! And like the perfect spot for summer evenings.

  4. Hello, I’m a new visitor to your blog. I love makeovers. Your new deck looks comfy and very inviting. Nice job!

  5. Thank you Lynda. We have always loved sitting out on the back patio. Converting it to a deck definitely made it better and more inviting.

  6. What a beautiful makeover you guys did there! The current furniture arrangement looks really nice, and not to mention very chic. Thanks for sharing that lovely makeover post. All the best to you!

    Ian Hawkins @ Wickerworks