Thursday, June 12, 2014

Honey Moon, rare full moon on Friday, the 13.

The full Honey Moon will rise late Thursday night and set on Friday the 13th. The Honey Moon is the last full moon before summer solstice, thus, it takes the lowest path across the sky (alternatively, the sun takes the highest path). The moon takes on a reddish tint due to the observer looking through more of the earth's atmosphere during this projection. A June full moon is also know as a Strawberry Moon or Corn-Planting Moon. A full moon on the 13th during any month is somewhat rare, and will only occur 15 times in between the years of 1990-2030. The last full moon to fall on June 13th occurred back in 1919. The next time this occurs will be June 13th, 2098. A rare event indeed!

Moon rise time for us here in Iowa is 8:21 p.m.  Forecast is for clear skies. I sure hope so. I will be out there with camera in hand. A once in a life time event for most of us.

Here is one I took a couple of years ago. Doesn't it look like the moon is sitting on the branch of our big Maple tree?

And one more.

I have a bit nicer camera then I did when I took these pictures. Hope I can get a couple of decent pictures tonight.

Keep your eye to the sky this evening,



  1. Will do--sounds like it should be a show if the clouds move away!

  2. That photo of the moon on the branch is great! I hope it’s clear enough here for me to get a nice shot of a Friday the 13th full moon.