Friday, March 20, 2015

Time to enjoy the view

Boy, this month is going fast. That happens when you are busy. I have been working on the 40 bags for 40 days Lent project. I haven't reached the forty bags yet and I probably won’t but, boy, have I gotten rid of a lot of “stuff”. We have taken a total of about 12 bags to the Good Will, another 6 or so to the curb and come Easter weekend, we are taking about 8 computer paper boxes with for a Look and Take party. If you see something you like, take it. If two or more people want the same item, we will draw cards. High card wins. What is left goes to the Good Will. I have four empty, freshly painted closets upstairs. Something that needed done for years. Every closet in the house, all six, have been cleaned and organized.

While I was in this “cleaning” mood, I hired a couple of college age guys to paint the computer/office room and living room. The living room was a tan color. The computer/office room a light green color which I didn’t like from day one. Nice green but just not for my office area.

Color of office before repainting

Archway between living room and computer/office
After seven years of looking at it, I decided that green had to go. Since the rooms are open to each other, separated by just the archway, we decided to paint both rooms the same color. Looks really good.



So glad these projects are done. Bring on spring and sitting on the deck watching the sunsets. I am ready.

Sunset last night
Have a great weekend. Take time to relax.

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