Sunday, February 22, 2015

40 Bags in 40 Days-YIKES Should've have given up chocolate!

I saw a post on FB suggesting 40 Bags for 40 Days. I had already decided it was time to do some much needed decluttering so I had a head start. I have donated/trashed 3 bags. I don’t think I will reach 40 bags as I am not really a saver but I figure if the weather warms up and I send hubby to the garage, he will easy be able to make up the difference.

Yesterday I tackled the coat closet in our computer room. Actually it had become more a catch all closet. You can stand up in it after you enter but it is under the stairway so the door is not as high as the inside. You have to duck when you back out.

Low entry

Clunked my head coming out a couple of times yesterday, to say the least. It also goes back as fall as the first couple of steps.Two rolls of shelves runs the length of the long wall.

Two shelves-storage clear under the steps

I don’t know when I have “ventured” that deep into it. It’s been a while.

That little closet had all of this stuffed in it.

Now you can even walk into it, if you duck. This is how it looks now.

Closet is now neat and tidy

It took me a couple of hours but the closet is cleaner than it has been in years. As you can see not much went back in. One bag to the trash and one bag to Good Will. And they are huge garbage bags. Only 35 more bags to go.

It might have been easier to give up chocolate.


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  1. Much tidier but I'm sure you need some aspirin for your poor head!