Sunday, February 1, 2015

Winter in Iowa-First real snowfall of the season.

We had our first real snowfall of this winter season overnight. Nine inches and counting. The wind has come up so I am sure it will be worse by evening. That is when the wind and snow is supposed to stop. Hope the weathermen are right. A friend came by and opened our main drive but the cars are still snowed in. We have a high school guy coming later today to snow blow us out. It is kind of pretty out but I suppose if I had to go out in it, I would feel different. Ribs are in the oven, rest of dinner is ready to go, so I think I will just stay in and watch the Super Bowl.

                     Here are some pictures I took early this morning.

This feeder was full yesterday afternoon.

Make room for me.

Feeder before the brunt of the storm.
What happened?

Mine, All MINE. 

So pretty against the white of the snow.

Enjoy your day, Rose

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