Saturday, January 31, 2015

Never had that happen before!

The other morning a friend, hubby and I were sitting at the kitchen table visiting. I had a pan on the stove with a half a dozen eggs boiling. All of a sudden there was this very loud popping sound coming from the stove. Loud enough to startle us and to pause our conversation. I think both fellows said” What the heck was that”.  I got up checked the eggs and saw that one had cracked. Looking further I discovered it did not only crack it had sent a piece of its shell flying.

     Notice the piece of shell on the top of the back of the stove and the               chunk out of the egg that blew its top. Gave all of us a laugh. 
Never a dull moment around here.
     Have a fun weekend. If you are like us and live where winter includes snow, stay in, stay safe and enjoy the Super Bowl.


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