Saturday, January 17, 2015

God saying” Get up sleepy head"

Have you ever got up early and you had planned on sleeping in? That happened to me this morning. I laid there trying to get back to sleep. After about 10 minutes of a zillion things going through my mind competing with my “ I need to get more sleep” thought. I knew there was no going back to sleep for me. So I threw on my robe and got up. And, boy was I glad I did. I think it was one of those “God moments” we hear about. It was God saying” Get up sleepy head. Do I have something for you to see” And boy did he. He knows how I love sunrises and sunsets. Beautiful way to start the day.

 Hope you had a wonderful start to your weekend, too.



  1. Beautiful! Thank God you didn't miss it! It's like He poked you up to enjoy creation!

  2. Gorgeous sight! Worth getting out of bed for sure!