Thursday, January 29, 2015

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever got home from grocery shopping and noticed you have an item you didn’t buy? Well that happened to us this week. We “bought” a box of Morey's Marinated Salmon.

 Now we like salmon and buy it often. But I always buy plain fillets so that I can control the seasonings/salt. Here we had a box of six marinated fillets. I am sure someone somewhere is saying” I know I bought Salmon but where is it? Well I decided to bake a couple of them for dinner today.

Let me tell you. These salmon fillets are delicious.  Easy to fix, just bake them in the oven. And, after checking my Sam’s receipt, not very expensive. Will definitely “buy” them again. 

Have you ever got home with something someone put in your cart by mistake? What was it? Was it something your family would eat?


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