Friday, August 28, 2015

Bring on Winter.

After living in this house for 50 years, we finally have a fireplace. I have wanted one for years but hubby didn’t want to chop wood. After spending a few days with daughters this past spring, I convinced him how nice fireplaces  were on those mornings and evenings with you need just a little bit of heat.  He agreed that one would be nice. So after shopping around, I found a ventless gas fireplace on line we liked and ordered it. I hired Brad, our local contractor to install it and now we are set for those cool mornings and evenings. What a difference it made in the size and appearance of our living room.

The Beast (home entertainment center)


Almost done.

After the beast (home entertainment center) was gone and the fire place was installed we needed a component cabinet. I wanted all those wires hid. We couldn’t find one to purchase that would fit our space. What to do? I had a vision that this old night stand would work and Brad was able to make it happen. I love it. Perfect size for our space and best of all, most of the wires are out of site.

Future component cabinet.
Night stand converted to component cabinet.

And here is the finished look. I love it.

Bring on Fall and Winter.Can’t wait to use our new fireplace.

Have a relaxing weekend,