Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rain, Rain, Finally came our way.

We finally go the rain we needed. Storms have passed us by for the last two weeks. The rain will look like it’s heading our way but then split us and form again once past. It has been the strangest thing. Areas around us have had too much rain but here in our town we have recorded just .2 of an inch. Well, that all changed last night. We had lots of rain, and thunder and lightning. There is 2 and .2 tenths in our rain gauge this morning with more on the way. Rain barrel is full now in fact overflowing.

We have been using the hose. And that isn’t good in this town as water isn’t cheap. Besides plants grow better with rain water. Now maybe the tomatoes will ripen faster with the needed moisture. We are so wanting some fresh salsa.  Speaking of salsa, our son-in-law makes the best salsa around. He cans many, many jars every summer and keeps us in salsa for the year. It is so good. Did I say he makes the best around.  Anyway, we did get a couple of small, and I mean small tomatoes for nachos. Dan’s salsa made it the perfect supper for a hot summer meal.

I love raining days. Enjoy

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  1. Glad you finally got the rain you needed. Water is expensive for you there? It's not so bad here, but I'd still rather water with rainwater so I use barrels, too.