Saturday, January 30, 2016

Surrounded by a sky on fire.

I would guess all of us living in the Midwest have heard a major snowstorm named Kayla is heading our way. Blizzard conditions are possible. The weathermen are predicting anywhere from 2-16 inches of snow for our particular area along with super strong winds, 30-50 mph gusts. I am praying for the 2 inches I image the grocery stores will be very busy this weekend. We have plenty of food and if the power doesn't go out we will be fine. 

But right now, it is more like spring out there. The Calm before the storm.  And the sunsets have been amazing. Last night, in particular, was breathing taking. The sun setting reflected off the clouds making the sky aglow in all directions. I stood on deck and did a complete circle taking pictures of the glow in the sky all around me, south, then east, then north and then back to the west. Just awesome.

Looking South 

Looking East
Looking North

Looking West

Have a relaxing weekend and pray the snowstorm Kayla fizzles out.

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