Monday, February 1, 2016

Trying to Conquer the squirrel guard

We have had a time with squirrels this winter. They are fat and sassy because they are well fed. Hubby goes out and feeds the birds most every morning.  He won't be back in the house five minutes and one of them will be in the big feeder eating all he wants. At first hubby pounding on the window would scare them off. But soon that didn't work. Opening the window and yelling would for a while too. But hubby was out of things to try so he had me search homemade squirrel guards. A friend of our was kind enough to make it up for us. And here are the photo results.

Okay, what is this?

Hmm. I am hungry, I want breakfast.

Yep, right house. There is the feeder. Now let me see.

Maybe I can jump to it. Nope, that is a pretty long jump.

I got it. Just watch me. One more try.

Success. I forgot I can jump straight up to it. Of course the snow cover helps.

P.S. I went out and raised the feeder. Will see if that helps. At least he couldn't climb the pole. 

P.S. 2 It has been a few days and various squirrels have tried to go up the pole without success. The homemade squirrel guard works great and it was cheap to make.

Here is a link on how to make one.


We are in blizzard warning till Tuesday evening. Stay safe and warm.



  1. Despite how cute they may be, I detest squirrels. They take over the yard, the feeders, and any fruit-bearing tree. This looks like a great solution.

  2. P.S. We had almost 80-degree weather today in Southeast Texas. I'm always intrigued by the differences in temperatures around the nation. Stay warm, friend.

    1. Thank you. We are having thunder snow right now. So weird, lightening, thunder and two inches of snow an hour. Not going anywhere for a couple of days.

  3. That's a clever way to outsmart them, and I bet very entertaining for you!

  4. Hubby is having a great time watching them try.