Sunday, July 17, 2016

First Dutch Elm, now Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer has been found in our area of Iowa. Over time all the ash trees will be gone. Years ago (1969) another disease got all our trees. We had only lived in our house about three years when the Dutch Elm took all our trees. Our whole town was hit hard. I am guessing just about 85% of the trees in town were Elm. The shady yard that was a draw for us to this house was gone. Every tree on our property was an Elm. Over the years, little by little, I replanted 12 plus trees. Twelve are still here and only two of them are ash. When my shade disappeared I took advantage of the all the sun and got busy planting perennials that loved sun. I was new at gardening and didn’t even consider what would happen when all my trees grew. Besides that was years down the road. I couldn’t afford big trees so the ones I planted were mere sticks. Well those “sticks” grew and I had to do something with all my sun loving perennials. I moved them to the lone sunny area in our yard. When you plants too many trees, you find plants that you can grow in the shade. For me that was Begonias and Hostas. I have Hostas around the house. I love their easy care but I needed something that blooms all summer and is easy to care for. To the rescue Begonias.

My sunny perennial garden.

Some of my Begonias.

Some of my Begonias

I hope your days are full of sunshine and flowers, too.

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