Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Perfect weather for Corn not so much for humans.

Has it been hot where you are? It has been awful here in Iowa. And where from 100 to 110 heat index. Sounds like it has been this hot almost all over our country. I guess it is to be expected for July but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.  Today has been pretty nice. We are going to have a few days break before it heats back up. Anyway, we had some bushes that needed trimmed to make lawn mowing easier and cut back on some of the weed eating.  We couldn’t believe how tall the corn had gotten in the past week. This heat and humidity is just what corn likes. We have been getting a half an inch to an inch of rain every 10 days or so. Perfect weather for corn. I would say the farmer who owns the corn will be having a bumper crop again this year.

I decided to take a picture of the field with my hubby in front of it for height reference. He is 5’8”. Of course he claims he is 5’10’’. Can’t convince him two back surgeries and aging has taken a couple of inches from him. Oh well. But getting him to be serious for pictures is almost impossible. When we did a family picture and pictures at two granddaughters’ weddings, I “preached” to him for days to be serious. Or as serious as possible for him. Never a dull moment with him. Got to love him.

Stay cool, if you can.

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