Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Rainy August morning, love it or leave it.

Good morning. It is a rainy day here in my little corner of the world. A nice beautiful rain. I have my coffee, my morning music, life is good. I love when the weather starts getting fall like. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I would guess we will have some hot days yet before it is officially fall. But the next 10 day sure sounds like fall. Highs in the lower 70’s and lowers in the upper 50”s. I think it would be nice to live somewhere with those temps year round. Wonder where that might be?

Another thing about rainy days for me, I get motivated. I don’t know if it is the cooler weather that comes with rain or what, but I get very ambitious. I have a friend who is the exact opposite, she gets moody and depressed. She thinks I am crazy and I in return thinks she is. To each their own.

I will enjoy the rain while it falls then I think I will dust our bedroom and do the bedding. Oh, and defrost the freezer.

Hope you are able to enjoy your day, too.


View out my sunroom this morning.,

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