Tuesday, August 23, 2016

No homework?? WOW! Just a thought.

Hope all of you had a good weekend. It was the last weekend before School starts. Today is the first day of school for most the schools in our area of Iowa. By the end of the week, school will be in session in the whole state. A lot of kids will be happy to get back into a routine and to see friends they haven’t seen during the summer. And most parents will be glad, too.

Most colleges started the fall semester, too. We have grandsons returning and a granddaughter just starting her college days. Where has the time gone? Not only the summer but the years. Seems like only yesterday they were all in elementary school. In a couple of years our youngest grandchild, our baby, will be in college, too.

We spent the weekend with one of our daughters and her family. All but one of their kids were able to join us for dinner on Sunday. It was nice to spend time with them and catching up on their lives. Anyway, I was catching up with social media this morning while having my coffee and came across this article. I thought it was something a lot of teachers should read. I know a lot of parents and students will like the idea. After all the kids spend a lot of time in school each day, seven hours usually and that isn’t counting travel time, and homework can be overkill. Definitely something to think about.

We are having beautiful fall like weather. Hope you are, too. Enjoy.

Second-grade teacher's unique homework policy goes viral

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  1. I fully agree with that position--as a high school teacher I give out comparably little homework because people are busy and what's the point? If we can't make effective use of our time WITH kids, sending home "busy work" isn't exactly making the case for education, right?