Saturday, October 12, 2013

Steamboat William M. Black, Dubuque Iowa

On the Mississippi river behind the Aquarium is where you will find the
dredge William M. Black, now permanently moored in the Ice Harbor. It is one of the last steamboats built with the advance technology of the 1930s, the last era before diesel power replaced steam. A side-wheeler steamboat, the Black is similar in form and style to the great steam boats of the 19th century and thus constitutes a link with the most colorful period of river transportation.

You are able to tour the Black at your own pace after listening to some background information on boarding.

Here are some pictures of the William M, Black. This too was very interesting.

William M, Black
Pilot house

View from top deck of the Black

Everything on the steamboat was oversized.

Check out the large pots and pans on the stove.

Giant mixer

Very life like character. Found these in other places in town.

 Couldn't find out much about this little boat. Wondered if it tagged along the Black.

Sign below the stack says "Tavern".


Have a great weekend, Rose


  1. It is a lovely looking boat. I wonder what delights were created in that giant mixer.

  2. We've driven past that boat lots of times...including this last Thursday;)