Friday, January 31, 2014

One thing leads to another.

Have you ever started one project and it lead to another? Well, that is what happened to me today. Always told the girls the bathroom was one place a person should make sure is clean because it is the one room that most guests have the opportunity to inspect. Time to practice what I preached.
It was time to give the bathroom a good cleaning. Hubby cleaned it the last time and he did a pretty good job- for a guy. But it needed a deep cleaning. Threw the throw rugs in the wash and grabbed the cleaning products. Scrubbed the tub, the sink and cleaned the toilet. I was thinking this is going great. I will be done in no time.  But then I decided to dust the baseboards. And that led to washing the baseboards. And after making it half way around the room, I decided it wasn’t washing the baseboards needed but painting. Hubby said the reason they needed painting was because of all the scrubbing I do. Anyway, I went to the basement, got the paint and brush and got with it. An hour later, I was done. Rugs on the floors, clean towels hung up and smelling nice. Now if only the rest of the house was as clean.

Have a great weekend,



  1. Haha. That'll teach you to be thorough! An unjust reward for all your hard work. :-( Hardly seems fair, does it!

  2. That's how I clean, too--get carried away.